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A public question for Sue Dosal from a member of the Public: Part 1

I just sent this email to Sue Dosal, State Court Administrator, MN Judicial Branch.  I sent it from two different email accounts to try to ensure that she gets it.  I am also posting it here, publicly.  I would like a public response from her.
Ms. Dosal.
Could you please provide me the following information.  I am a member of the Public.
1.  Did some person, committee or other “approve” the destruction of court orders and other case filings in civil cases?
2.  If so, who, or what?
3.  If so, when did this occur, and what was the process?  Was this idea ever publicly promulgated?  If so, please provide documentation of that.
Jill Clark

Citizens file lawsuit against Minnesota courts

Several Minnesotans have filed a lawsuit against Minnesota state courts (including the Supreme Court, the Court of Appeals, and the Hennepin County Court, aka the Fourth Judicial District), and several state court judges.  Some of those judges have now retired.

You can go to the page “Our lawsuit against the Minnesota Courts” at the top of the Home page to check out the complaint.

Several things happened fast today.  We’ll get you those asap.

Here are some snippets from the ‘introduction’ to the Complaint:

This lawsuit is the beginning of numerous claims intended to demonstrate why Minnesotans are not able to vindicate their federal constitutional rights in state court.  These are not just stories about plaintiff cases that did not succeed.  These are stories of civil rights violations by state court judges and staff. 

The introduction also includes:

If the [reason that federal constitutional rights are infringed in state court is because of lack of] money, then the discussion should be about money.  The State Courts are not only grossly underfunded, they had warned the Minnesota Legislature and Governor, repeatedly, that failure to adequately fund them would mean they could not protect constitutional rights.  What funding does the US Constitution require for the third branch of government, the watchdog branch, the branch responsible for protecting individual rights and liberty?

We will feature some of the Complaint’s specific allegations in separate posts.