Reports to WordPress

May 13, 2013 update:

WordPress, a problem I have complained about in the past continues to occur.  When I hit ‘publish,’ and use the ‘edit’ button on the left-hand pane, it returns me to the post in the ‘text’ view, and when I hit ‘visual,’ all of the text (and the picture) disappears.  This does not occur in all ways that I return to the post.  But it has twice occurred in using that ‘edit’ button (as noted above).

WordPress – do you stand behind your product?


May 10, 2013 update:  WordPress, problems continue (here and at jillclarkcontinues).  There is no way to delete tags once added, tags and categories at times do not show in the preview screen. Numerous other problems that require your attention.  Most notably, I am being threatened with gagging of speech on the JUDICIAL CANDIDATE blog (Jill Clark for Justice) – claiming I must pay money to keep the .org address, by May 23, 2013.  We already went through this with jillclarkspeaks, and I was NOt happy with the way WordPress handled things.  I urge WordPress not to cause the same problems again.  Do I need to seek an injunction?  I want Jill Clark for Justice to reverse automatically to  Please ensure that is the result.


WordPress, I have been sending emails to support@wordpress – are they getting through?

In the past few days I have suffered:  deletion of pictorial evidence from this blog, deletion of text, posts that disappear entirely when I try to edit them, the publish and update buttons pushing all by themselves, and, it appears that in an email to followers in which I was attempting to report problems with an electronic system, the email did not send.

WordPress, emails I have sent have communicated that I wil have no choice but to sue WordPress and Automattic if I do not get attention to these problems.  You are responsible for your system.

This is not all of the problems, drafting on this blog, and successfully ‘publishing’ is so difficult I need to keep this short. Refer to Reports to WordPress page at, and also to the many posts on this blog and that blog about problems with this WordPress blog!

This page is attempted to be posted about 5 am April 11, 2013.

AN ADDITION IS BEING ATTEMPTED ON APRIL 20, 2013. Deletions continue, evidence of hacking continues, and the evidence I discuss ABOUT EVIDENCE OF HACKING disappears. I’ll check back from various sources to see if this paragraph survives.

An addition being attempted on April 21, 2013.  The stats page has been off for some time (it is inconsistent with the small stats picture on the edit page, for example), today it is not working at all.  I have encountered edit boxes for posts (including this page) that change from visual to text (without me doing anything) and when I change back to visual, all of the text and pictures disappear.  There are other serious issues with missing text, pictures missing from posts, documents missing from the media library that I placed there myself (and did not delete).  The publish and update buttons click all by themselves, and drafts are saved – when I am doing nothing.  I tried emailing details about these and other problems to the email address above, but got strange emails in return from a “tos” address, and when I asked what that was – they stopped altogether.  Thes are serious problems.  The damages are mounting.

And since I started detailing the number of words in the post (to try to track unauthorized deletions), that feature began not to work properly.  (When this edit box read 388 words, the same text in a Word document read 400 words.)

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