Minnesota matter

This page describes the Minnesota case trying to impair Attorney Clark’s Minnesota law license.

Clark had zero complaints against her until I started to go after government for bad conduct of its officials, and to suggest how it could govern better.  And, of yeah, and she ran for state court judge.

Evidence now shows that a particular state judge started to target Clark after her first bid for election, and designed to harm her before she could run again.  The Office of Lawyers Professional Responsibility (the prosecutorial arm of the Minnesota Lawyers Board) was involved in trying to attack my license in 2006 – with that judge as the “complainant.”  That attempt failed.  But it was 2012 before I would learn about an email exchange between the Office, and Judge Zimmerman, specifically mentioning my campaign for judicial office.

Now, they are at it again.

You can access documents about the case here.  (I’m just starting this organizational format in December 2012, so you won’t instantly see all the documents here….).

This page will be updated from time to time.  You can also go to the category “about the lawsuit” – which includes posts about the Minnesota attack from February 2012 to present.

Case documents:

Here are the charges the State served on me.  The ones relates to Judge Wieland’s complaint that I made false statements about her are addressed in detail in Answer #1.

Minnesota’s petition against Clark’s license

Answer #1:

Here’s my first “Answer.”  This one deals only with the charges that were instigated by Judge Wieland’s complaints.  But it goes through each of those in detail.

Answer to Wieland complaints

Answer #2:

Next is my answer filed February 2012, after the ‘public’ charges were filed against me. At this point, however, I was “gagged,” could not talk about the evidence about judicial misconduct, because of the judges whose conduct was at issue, were trying to prevent the public from learning about the evidence.

February 2012 Answer

More to come!