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I dreamed I was an eagle flying almost touching the clouds

I dreamed I saw other eagles dying fallen on the ground

I knew there were not many of us so I flew a little faster

A search for truth

A feeling of youth

Staving off disaster

I dreamed I was inside the wires like Max Headroom (only cuter)

I dreamed I saw ones and zeros, it was someone’s computer

It was a scary place to visit I wouldn’t want to live [t]here

A promise to keep

A longing for sleep

A message to deliver

I dreamed it was all ok now for the eagle caught in the wires

I dreamed it was today now and I was feeling inspired

I knew we were all very different I knew we were all the same

Crying for country

Longing for home

Proud to bear our name

I was six feet from an eagle near the river south of town

He was tethered and he was wary his eyes searching around

He was fed but not respected in the building with fluorescent lights

A powerful bird

His gift removed

The miracle of flight

And outside that very window other eagles flew

Soaring first then diving hungry but ah what a view

He dreamed of joining his kinfolk for years til he dreamed no more

Afraid to believe

Asking G*d for reprieve

Wanting nothing more

But someone stopped his letters and his pencil didn’t work

And he was shuffled off to the factory where he was told to work

And someone kept the profits but he didn’t know their name

His lawsuit rejected

Exhaustion respected

Exhaustion he knew that name

In a large room some people gathered guards stood at the door

They talked about him and they plotted then they took it to the floor

They did not name him by number but identified him all the same

A general law

Good for us all

The eagle was tethered again

And they went home that night to their loved ones their wine and their tvs

They forgot about the eagle and that eagles soar over trees

Then they manufactured paper then they scanned it and then it was gone

A poof of smoke

For common folk

Forget about the wrong

But if you went to every house on every block on every street

And asked this simple question, should the eagle be tethered at his feet?

You’d get a lot of answers but I bet there’d be a theme

It depends what he did,

Does he have kids?

All of us get to dream

What if it turned out the eagle was there by big mistake

The mistake of the few the mistake of the many many mistakes

Cause the court had become a factory, just widgets no one cared

Shut up and plead

No time for your needs

I don’t care if you are scared

We have budgets to think of and cronies and we can’t be bothered with you

I don’t care if you think you’re an eagle and that eagles have rights too

I am busy (I am so very busy) I can’t take the time for your rights

SCOTUS you said?

Something you read?

That’s tough reality bites

So the eagle was put in a squad car or a bus and traveled around

And the sheriff did not check the papers just assumed and took him on down

And he sat for years in the tether in that building with fluorescent lights

He grieved when he could

A hearing or two-so they said

When he got into fights

And he was not aware not like others that the leather was replaced with wires

With ones and zeros and routers and hackers trespassers for hire

He could not have imagined the changes and what would take place

Prevented from viewing

Let alone reviewing

That place they call cyber space

But he prayed to his G*d when he could even when they denied it

He imagined a place where he flew though he could not get inside it

And he wondered about changes about kinfolk and getting off paper

But the paper was gone

The term was all wrong

Now-off cyber

Eagles fly by cliffs over mountains over trees

Eagles fly in sunshine under clouds on the breeze

Eagles fly in cyber you hardly could conceive it

Through the wires

Putting out fires

You better believe it

And the dream is a still a dream but it has a distinctive shape now

Like a picture of dots I mean pixels you can see it if you stand away now

Two hundred bucks and a kiss for luck off to do the rest

Singing songs

Don’t know how long

Hoping for the best

The story isn’t finished I am sure there’s more to write

But the sun is getting higher and there’s lots to do before night

And even though I’m tethered in a cyber kind of way

One day at a time

I chose the uphill climb

And the sky’s not gray today

Copyright 2013 Jill Clark

Action is stayed: jurisdiction objections continue…

Today Jill Clark filed a pleading at the Minnesota Clerk of Appellate Court, which I was told is the ‘intake valve’ for the Minnesota Supreme Court.  It is deemed filed as of today – the details are below.  THE STAY IS AUTOMATIC, and the Court lacks jurisdiction – which I have been saying…