Still waiting…

I have made several document requests to state actors recently:

I am still waiting:

  • To hear anything from Mark Thompson – Mr. Thompson, the public pays your salary; are you going go get back to me?
  • To obtain documents from Carla Hayl of Legal Counsel of the State Court Administration (for reasons that are not clear – she asked until April 30 to provide me the federal funding for the courts, when I would imagine she can push a button and have it pretty quick); and
  • To receive documents of any moment from the Governor’s Office relating to the alleged “appointment” of David Lillehaug to the MN Supreme Court (I got an email that said it was from Paula Brown Operations Manager, but it only contained an image of a press release.

I have received been able to view documents from the Minnesota Secretary of State’s Office (kudos to them!) and I have received some emails that state they are from the Hennepin County Auditor’s Office – although Minnesota Statute requires that office to provide a certified copy and apparently Mark Chapin refuses to do that.

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