Why all the secrecy? Doesn’t the Governor’s Commission on Judicial Selection have to obey the law?

Way back in May 2011, I first spoke by phone with Tiffany Orth at Governor Dayton’s Office, then emailed her a letter requesting data about the Governor’s Commission on Judicial Selection.

May 2011 letter requesting data

I never got the data.


colored people voting

What is going on in Minnesota, that public officials think they can just IGNORE requests for public data?  What do they think they are doing in office – they are supposed to be serving the PUBLIC.

I made another request to the Governor’s Office today – about data relating to the suggestion from the Governor’s Commission on Judicial Selection that David Lillehaug should be a Supreme Court justice.  We know from Wersal v. Sexton that it is unethical for a judge to endorse another judge.

Let’s see if THAT law is followed – over in the secret meetings of the Governor’s Commission…

I am expecting prompt production of data I requested.  You can’t keep the People waiting.