Minnesota courts have a policy or custom of violating court orders: Part 5

Has anyone stopped to consider the damages to Jill Clark, her reputation, her practice, not to mention her clients, for the violation of the seal orders – just in “Ramsey County” digital records (I put that in quotes because my guess is that really, system wide, judges, law clerks, court clerks, have been able to readily access all documents in my disciplinary case and that many have done so).

It’s not like I made a secret of the fact that a lawyer’s state law license is a state property right.  Did anyone look up what that means?  It means you are liable for violation of procedural due process.  And the Record is quite awesome for that claim.

I guess your researchers let you down.

Cause all you did was create a fabulous lawsuit for Jill Clark and others you harmed in the process.  I think you already know I am listed as the class representative for the class of Minnesotans who have or will come before the state courts.  Many, many people have had their rights violated by the destruction of court records, and violation of court orders by the courts.

If there are some who are unwilling to consider early resolution, consider that the damages are accumulating daily – for a statewide class.