A public question for Sue Dosal from a Member of the Public: Part 2

So as you will see in Part 1, I sent an email the other day to Sue Dosal.  I sent it to Sue.dosal@courts.state.mn.us

To my understanding, that was her public-paid email address.

I got an email which said (referring here to the email at the bottom of the page):

email Shorba 1

The relevant sentene for this discussion is, “I retired as State Court Administrator October 9, 2012.”

I then replied to that email, asking in part, “Why do you still have access to this email if you a[r]e retired?”

reply to email

Then I got no responsive email.


I also asked in my reply email, who, it appears, has ready access to a public-paid email account, based on my assumption that she had institutional knowledge, to answer the questions from my original email (see above, and also Part 1 for the original questions).  I did not get a response to that – either.  I would certainly think the public is entitled (from working, retired, or perhaps someone on special projects?) to an answer to the question about what has happened to OUR court records.