Was Sue Dosal involved in appointing the Referee in my case?

Why would the State Court Administrator be involved in appointing referees in lawyer disciplinary cases?  Was Sue Dosal (or someone she supervises) involved in selecting the Referee in my disciplinary case?  (I really should have been told that, before anything occurred, because I was sitting on evidence of misconduct by Sue Dosal, and would have objected vehemently to her involvement.)

Lawyers really do not have due process if all these strange “this is the way we have already done it things” are permitted to occur.

Look at this letter, from Craig Klausing to Sue Dosal, asking for the appointment.  Why would the letter go there, and not to the Court?  I asked Klausing that question and he said, you got it – that’s the way we have always done it.  The whole point of having Rules is so that eveyone is on notice – not just insiders who have “played the game” for a while.  What’s the point of a disciplinary system that supposedly upholds the Rules, if the Director, the State Court Administrator, the Supreme Court – don’t have to follow them?

Check out this letter.

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