Judge Gerald Seibel – are these both your signature?

First, check out this pic I took today at the MN Supreme Court of the unguarded signature of the Honorable Gerald Seibel, back in April 2012 when he was first receiving the file.

3 13 13 463

Next, check out that signature (it appears on the right hand side below), next to the signature on the June 27, 2012 order that supposedly recommended Attorney Clark (candidate for the Minnesota Supreme Court at the time…just coincidence!) be immediately placed on disability status (that sig is on the left hand side below).  The order was dated June 27.  As I was trying to take the picture of the comparison docs, and email it to myself to post here, there was a lot of stuff going on.  The date of the June 27 order may be cut off in the picture.

Photo of the comparison

Like I said, I am no handwriting expert, but look at the starting letter of the signature – the capital G.  Someone who has been signing their name a long time usually has a confident start to the sig.

Try these:  Just the April 2012 sig:

Just April 2012 sig

And here is what is on the paper presented to me as a June 27, 2012 order signed by Seibel:

June 27 sig larger