I really got an eyefull at the MN Supreme Court today!

First, I saw that the emails that were supposedly under seal, such that Attorney Clark and her clients could not file motions to re-open cases (where there is now evidence of obvious judicial misconduct), were in the “public” file.  Huh.  I guess court orders don’t apply to the Court.

Second, I noted that Judge Zimmerman was given ACCOMMODATIONS for his mental health issues (which he went on about at length in emails to George Soule (all of which were kept from me in my disciplinary case – when I could have made USE of them – but yet I could walk in and review them in the FILE at the Supreme Court.)).  And yet Attorney Clark asked for accommodations and got suspended.  (That is – well, see my last post.)  What is the possible explanation for this difference in treatment?

Third, I noted that the box of EXHIBITS from the hearing had not yet been opened.  The two doctor reports saying Clark CAN practice and CAN represent clients – the box had not even been opened!  So just how thorough was this review?  Isn’t the Supreme Court supposed to set the STANDARD for all of the other state courts?

Here’s a couple pix of the box.

3 13 13 484

3 13 13 485

3 13 13 486

I ask these questions.

I believe the People are entitled to a response!  Minnesotans are empowered by their rights as citizens, and the language of Art. 1, Sec. 1 of the Minnesota Constitution, to reform government.  I think that time is now!