What’s up with all the different types of “signatures?”


I am growing increasinly concerned with the various types of “signatures” that appear on MN Court of Appeals and Supreme Court documents.  I don’t know yet whether to call them orders or opinions (or either), because I don’t yet know what they are.

Here’s an example of a purported “order.”  Note how there is no signature of a judge.  But even if we were to accept “digital” signatures, there is no name printed digitally.  Rather, there is merely an /s/, and I don’t know what that means for digital signatures.

In the olden days, /s/ meant there is a signed copy in the file.

Is there a signed copy of the attached document in the file?  I am publicly asking Matthew Johnson whether he signed this document.  And if not, whether he knew it was being issued under his signature.

Order – Grant[1]