Another comments from a concerned citizen

Kurt Martin gave permission to publicly post his comment:

I feel your pain.  This morning I’m in a hotel room in Portland preparing for a job interview.   This folllows a divorce case that spanned over 10 years.   During that period, the MN judiciary has destroyed what was once a prosperous business that employed three.  I have brought numerous complaints to the JSB, had a judge removed for prejudice, but with all of that, the judiciary continued to ignore statute, fedreal code and their own rules of procedure.  My case has been to the court of appeals 5 times and I have unsuccessfully petitioned the MN Supreme Court twice.

The record of my case clearly documents the Court’s abuse of power by blatantly ignoring the rules of procedure, ignoring statute and law, and falsifying the record and the evidence.   It is quite bizarre.  I beleive much of the record in my case would support your federal case.   If you’d like to chat about the specifics, let me know.

From your many posts over the last few days, I understand today is a pivotal day for you.  If I wasn’t in Oregon dealing with the aftermath of my own sufferings at the hand of the MN judiciary, I’d be at the courthouse steps to lend at least support in spirit.  My prayers are with you this morning!