A sad testament

Check out this twitter post on StarTribune’s site.

This person was brave enough to say this.  This is a sad testament to what has happened in our legal community.

I don’t believe I fit this gentleman’s description (and I invite him to comment on this blog), but I note his displeasure and concern.

I have said in the past that we have too many lofty words in the justice system and not enough actions to back them up (actually taking that from Abagail Adams).  We promise a search for truth, we promise justice.  We say we are applying one judge applying the law to the facts of the case.  We say we are about enforcing the law.

I don’t tend to use the word corrupt (for years I have been afraid to say it for fear of retaliation, but I also find that for me it is often not specific enough) but I agree that we have issues with integrity.

I have been about voicing concerns to help us find congruency, so that what we say we provide, we truly provide to the public.


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