Who stopped the plastic license?

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On January 2, 2013, I physically drove to the Minnesota Justice Center in St. Paul. I stopped first at the post office in Golden Valley and obtained a postal money order for $329.00 – the cost of renewing an active license for 2013.

Now, I had been getting emails asking me to pay online. I filled out some paperwork on line, but I did not want to pay online, and I did not believe that I should have to be forced to pay online. Once I realized that the banking information is not confidential within the state, I really did not think I should be forced to pay online.

So I physically took in the postal money order (almost somewhat privatized, that money order is still interstate commerce, and the operation of the post office still utilizes federal funds), and a print out of my registration form. The registration form asks for banking information (which I also believe is subject to all kinds of people from within the state viewing it on the computer, not to mention the hackers) so I am not posting that here.

I was referred at the counter on the third floor to Linda, who came out, accepted my paper registration and the money order, and gave me a receipt. A copy of the postal money order receipt that the purchaser tears off when handing the money to the payee (which is the Minnesota Supreme Court, not the state treasury), a copy of the receipt from the post office for the cash, as well as a copy of the handwritten receipt from Linda are above.

I should have received my plastic licensen within days. I have not received it, and it has now been 10 days.

So this morning I looked at the serial number for the postal money order, and I went online to try to determine its status. Checking that kind of thing is common fare these days, so it should not have been a problem.

Instead, I got a screen that purported to be from the USPS, stating “The status of the money order 20502856776 – No information is available for serial number” (also above).

I wonder why that is.

I also noticed that when I searched in my browser for postal money orders, checking the status did not come up immediately which is also strange.