What is a plastic license?


What is the piece of plastic that lawyers get every year?

It apparently shows we have paid our annual fee (although I have clearly already done that and have no plastic license, so they are apparently not that tied together).

The biggest use an attorneys makes of a plastic license, is to get into jails and prisons to visit incarcerated clients.

Blocking my plastic license is blocking communication with my incarcerated clients, blocking their access to their counsel of choice.

Need I add that I have already granted immunity to my clients; continuing to incarcerate them is hindering, impeding and obstructing their liberty through force.

Further, I wonder why James Woodard continues to be held in the downtown Minneapolis jail(s), when in the past, “long-term” pre-trial detainees have been transferred to the workhouse.

Does someone want to force me to go to Minneapolis to visit him?

The force and fear continues.

You guys need new lawyers.