How Public is the Law: Part 4

Those of you who have been watching this blog know I have had a lot of trouble e-filing in the Fourth Judicial District of the MJB.  I focus on only one aspect here.

In order to e-file, you are required to input your credit card information, or debit/bank card info.  First, I am not sure why we have to pay to e-file, when it is mandatory.  Second, I don’t feel safe anymore, giving my banking information to the court computers – which apparently are really the state computers.

As I’ve pointed out before, it appears from a statute that law enforcement can get credit card/banking information from the state computers (take a look at the 2011 Report to the Community, which veritably brags about just that type of data availability) and I don’t have any knowledge or control over what they are doing with it.

Are they, for example, going into bank computers to look up my balance?

I noticed that when I tried to e-file the last time, I could not, because my bank/debit card had been disconnected from the system.

Who did that, and why?

Would I be able to use a “gift” card in order to “purchase” e-filing services?  Or would the system demand banking information?

Actually, a downside of “gift” cards is that they are apparently tied to the user when they are purchased, and therefore can be tracked just like credit card purchases.

Interestingly, when I was attempting to drive to a federal courthouse the other day and wanting to get some gas, I tried to use two gift cards, but the pump computer (although it appeared at first to be authorizing) did not let me use them.

If I used a gift card in the MnCIS filing system, would that be trackable as well?