Complaint about counsel


I feel impelled to make a complaint about counsel who apparently appeared in federal court Friday.

A hearing was scheduled on motions to remand (filed by Hennepin County employee Will Mcdonald and by John Hoff).  Julie Bowman was set to represent McDonald and Paul Godfread was set to represent Hoff.

I alerted the Court by status report about a week before the hearing, that the hearing would likely not be necessary in light of a recently-published opinion.  Also, about two days before the hearing I filed a motion to consolidate the case with the other case against the Hennepin County Court (and other state court personnel).

I was informed both by Godfread and Bowman that they intended to appear at the hearing anyway.

I was not able to make the hearing due to reasons I’ll explain elsewhere.  The point for this complaint is that it appears the hearing went forward.  And that my client, who is not an attorney, was forced to represent himself.

It now appears that educated, licensed counsel took advantage of a client by arguing against him.  Further, that clients has repeatedly put people on notice that he is disabled in communication, meaning that he is vulnerable to being taken advantage of.