Writ to the Supreme Court of the United States (from Minnesota)

Writ of certiorari, writ of right, writ of attachment, writ of habeas corpus, writ of mandamus, writ of prohibition, and writ of summons


The worldwide publication jillclarkspeaks includes two posts today that give more detail about the need for this writ.


Jill Clark has been deprived of her state law license without due process of law.


Jill Clark, P.A. and Jill Clark, LLC are interested in the property right.


Over the past year or so Jill Clark and those firms have encountered extreme hindrance, obstruction and impedance of their attempts to submit evidence and pleadings to federal judges, in numerous jurisdictions in this country, including Minnesota, Wisconsin, Illinois, Iowa, Indiana, Ohio, Pennsylvania, New Jersey and New York.


Jill Clark has been a prisoner in her car, a prisoner in her own home, and subjected to force and fear.


By denying due process (both procedural and substantive) the Minnesota Supreme Court has in essence issued judgment.  Its attempts to compel Attorney Clark to file documents there (which Clark has good reason to believe would be used against her including in criminal or quasi-criminal proceedings) would impel Clark to waive her objection to jurisdiction, which she has attempted to make to that Court since June 2012.


This Court should note that on June 8, 2012, the matter was removed from state to federal court, the United States District Court for the District of Minnesota.  That Court has had jurisdiction since that date.


In the public good, Clark has been attempting to expose misconduct by state court judges, and other people in the justice system there.  In response, government has retaliated against her, prior restrained her speech, and other harm.


This writ is being published on this blog because of the extreme efforts of some to prevent Clark from filing documents with federal courts.