Report to WordPress

It is my understanding that I am to report problems with my WordPress blog as soon as I observe them.

1)  When I logged on today to blog, there were inconsistent problems.  The formatting was different.  Even in this sentence I had to capitalize “I” myself (until I reported that and now it has changed).  Also, it was double-spaced, and my attempts to center text were difficult.

2)  Ads have appeared on this blog, and when I hover over “about these ads” to try to click on it (you know, to find out about these ads), those words go away and there is no actual link to content.

3)  As I type, I often cannot see the bottom of this box, and often there is a pop up asking me whether to show unsecure content.  These are irritating but more than that they are slowing me down.

Could you please investigate this asap?