Mindfulness in Judging

Dr. Pam Casey, and Judges Steve Leben and Kevin Burke have published a White paper, MINDING THE COURT, Enhancing the Decision-Making Process (available here).

The paper discusses cognitive heuristics, and implicit biases, encouraging judges to be mindful of how they are making decisions.  It is thoughtful and encouraging.  The paper is a must read for those who are watching for signs that the justice system is changing.

I love the following quote,

Several techniques can help judges to be more mindful and aware of the decision-making process so that they make better decisions. First, focus on the higher purpose of the proceeding—hearing and properly deciding a case with a real impact on someone, not just processing a court docket.

This is what the real people who appear in court expect; it’s good to see it in print.

You see, you believe, and you receive….