Transparency in Government

Here’s a link to an article about two new policy papers written to enhance transparency in government, and a more participatory government.  They’s singing my song.

Feather O’Connor Houstoun described their presentation as follows,

Government is moving toward transparency in fits and starts, and no one seems able to point out key tools that will accelerate the process. Absent is a forum where we can systematically address thorny technical issues, like the impact of privacy laws and concerns about transparency advances….

Obstacles to increased transparency include, “a culture of secrecy, resistance by public officials or lack of financial and technical resources.”  (Id.).

One of the papers (featured here) identifies 6 strategies for more open and participatory government.

These include:

(1)  strategies focused on enhancing government expertise and transparency,

(2)  educating citizens regarding the availability and utility of government information and e-government tools, and

(3)  forging public-private-citizen partnerships in order to enhance open government solutions.