Judge Cebull takes senior status

Judge Richard F. Cebull, a Montana federal judge who admitted to sending an email about President Obama that some called racist, will take senior status in 2013.  (See story at KURL8.com here; Wikipedia here).

Cebul was appointed by George W. Bush, and became Chief Judge in Montana in 2008.  (Id.).

It’s not clear whether the controvery over the one email had an impact on Cebul taking senior status.

It is clear that that case involved one email.

It is also clear that Cebul had the presence of mind to report himself to authorities when the email was exposed.  (My prior post here).

I think the question for the public is – if this one email was in such bad taste – have other judges sent emails that deserve our scrutiny?

Should we, the public, be able to access emails sent by our public servants?

In Minnesota judges are elected.  Should we be able to see what they are sending, as they are asking for our votes?