About the Jill Clark Speaks blog

Jill Clark started this blog as a lawyer.  She still wears that hat:  lawyer for her clients, lawyer with a license (not only defending the attack on her license by a certain faction, but also discussing how that attack signals problems within the Minnesota justice system particularly for those who want reform), lawyer in the community.

Jill Clark now also wears the hat of candidate in a public election:  for Chief Justice of the Minnesota Supreme Court.

Going forward, this blog (jillclarkspeaks) will feature commentary by Jill Clark the lawyer.  These comments are not attributable to Jill Clark the candidate, or the Jill Clark for Justice Committee.

As a candidate for Chief Justice, Jill Clark still enjoys First Amendment rights (thanks to the US Supreme Court), but there are some different rules that also apply to judicial candidates.  So for any commentary by Jill Clark candidate for Chief Justice, go to that site.