Pennsylvania Judge admits Wrongdoing




The Unionville Times reported,


In February, the [Pennsylvania] Judicial Conduct Board filed a formal complaint against [District Justice Rita] Arnold, a 17-year jurist whose district serves the townships of Birmingham, East Caln, East and West Bradford, and the Borough of Downingtown. She was immediately escorted from her office, stripped of her keys, and ordered to avoid any contact with employees by Chester County President Judge James P. MacElree II. However, those actions represented the extent of his authority.

Story here.

“In a ‘proposed stipulation’ filed with the Court of Judicial Discipline last month….”

Arnold admitted “the delay in docketing the citation and her transfer of it” to another court “each was improper, of itself.” Additionally, she stated that “she does not have any evidence or testimony to refute” the prosecution’s account.

Here’s the intresting part.  If the case proceeds, set to testify against the judge are:

  • A state police lieutenant;
  • A state trooper;
  • A Probation officer;
  • A Court Officer Manager; and
  • The District Court Administrator

These are all what I call ‘system insiders.’  It’s interesting to see how things are changing around the country when it comes to prosecuting judges.