California Judge Off Bench for Fixing Tickets

A California Superior Court Judge Richard W. Stanford Jr.’s case is over.  He was removed from the bench, and the California Supreme Court recently declined to hear his case, reported the Organge County Register.  Story here.  According to the Register,

“The state’s Commission on Judicial Performance charged Stanford, one of the longest-serving judges in the county, with nine allegations of giving preferential treatment to relatives, acquaintances and his pastor in traffic-citation cases over seven years.”

“In handing down discipline earlier this year, the commission said, ‘This pattern of misconduct between 2005 and 2010 created both the appearance and reality of a two-track system of justice – one for his family and friends and another for all others.'”

There are judges our there fixing cases.  That’s been proven in a number of states.

It seems that several states are sending a message to judges who remain on the bench, by removing judges for fixing tickets.

This spate of cases is important for the public to see.  I think that this is the kind of problem that the public is demanding be addressed.