New York Judge Removed for Fixing Tickets

According to the Daily Mail, the New York State Commission of Judicial Conduct has ordered East Greenbush justice Diane L. Schilling to be removed from the bench for ticket-fixing.  Story here.

According to that story,

The complaint states the Schilling: (1) “improperly intervened in the disposition of a speeding ticket issued to the wife of another judge and (2) four years earlier, accepted special consideration with respect to a speeding ticket issued to her.”

The commission went on to say Schilling “initiated a series of actions that led not only to a failure to prosecute the case but also to the disappearance of all copies of the ticket, except for the one issued to her colleague’s wife by the police officer.”

The commission also found Schilling culpable in fixing a ticket she received in 2005 from a rookie trooper who later offered to withdraw the summons. The commission states that under questioning at one of their hearings, Schilling testified that “she assumed the trooper was taking the ticket back because he knew that she was a judge.”

“Ticket fixing strikes at the heart of our system of justice, which is based on equal treatment for all…” the commission’s opinion reads. “We thus conclude that the respondent (Schilling) has engaged in serious misconduct.”


For judicial reform, it’s important to go after case fixing at all levels, from tickets all the way to large civil and criminal cases.