Delaware Judge Ousted, Arizona Judge Might Be

The Republic, an Indiana publication, reported on a Delaware Judge Hendrickson who is to be ousted from his position after his pension vests.  The allegations were that he attempted a romantic relationship with an attorney who appeared before him.

“Authorities say Henriksen continued to hear cases involving the attorney even after expressing romantic feelings toward her. He also advised her on preparing a legal memorandum in a case he was hearing.”

Republic story here.

It is interesting that Judge Henriksen was ordered to pay the woman’s therapy bills and most of her attorney fees.

In Arizona, a justice of the peace was suspended for two months following accusations of domestic violence and trying to influence a witness, until the public and according to CBS 5 in Arizona, his “fellow judges” demanded he be debenched.  Now he is apparently in jeopardy of losing his position.  Story here.

In early May 2012, the Arizona Republic reported that the Arizona Commission on Judicial Conduct found against Justice of the Peace Phillip Woolbright and recommended removing him from office and barring him from serving again.  Story here.

As of May 22, 2012, reported that Woolbright had appealed the Commission’s recommendation. Story here.