Finally I can talk to you!

Finally, I can talk to you about the case that several judges instigated by generating or making complaints to the Minnesota Office of Lawyers Professional Responsibility (OLPR) about me.  The Judges are Hennepin County Judges:

1.           Lucy Wieland

2.           Robert Blaeser

3.           Lloyd Zimmerman and

4.           Thomas Wexler.

A lot of you already know that I (Jill Clark) have been publicly “charged” with allegations that I violated my lawyer ethics rules.  I started this blog to talk about that, so that the public could learn about what was happening and form its own opinion of the charges and the process.

But then a strange thing happened.  When the OLPR served the public charges, I was accused in a public document.  I wanted to be able to respond in public.  But I could not.  Do you know why?  Because 3 of The Hennepin County Judges (all the ones listed above except retired Judge Wexler) made moves to try to keep me from discussing documents about them in public.

Isn’t that strange?  The elected officials, accountable to their public did not want public scrutiny of documents that illuinate their conduct.  I invite public scrutiny of mine.

The 3 Hennepin County Judges had produced documents in response to my subpoena’s in the first (non-public) phase of the litigation.  They tried several ways to keep those documents from being available to you – the public:

  • They tried getting the documents back so they would never see the light of day;
  • They tried redacting the documents so that the content was blacked out (or substantially so); and
  • They tried claiming that I had violated a court order relating to those documents (even threatened to hold me in “contempt,” which is interesting, since they are only witnesses in this matter and have no judicial authority); and

These maneuvers meant that it took me literally months to get my hands on certain documents, documents that they had produced to my lawyers but did not want Jill Clark to see.

To ensure that I was complying with all court orders, I chose to remain silent until I could get a clear judicial ruling that documents from the non-public phase are now public.

That litigation is not entirely over.  I am still litigating to try to re-classify certain documents as public that The Judges have worked to keep confidential.  But at least at this time I can began to talk to you about the case, confident now that most of the documents from the non-public phase are now public.

As I have said to you in this blog, I have nothing to hide.  I believe that transparency in the justice system should include documents that permit us (the public) to know what our elected officials are doing while in office.

I will begin to blog about the substance of the case, as well as documents that shed light on these judges’ conduct.