Florida Judge Recuses Self



The Attorney for Trevon Zimmerman filed a motion seeking to recuse Florida Circuit Judge Jessica Recksielder due to a conflict of interest.  Story here and here.

Judge Reckseidler did recuse herself.  According to the New York Daily News story,

[Judge Recksielder’s] husband works with Orlando attorney Mark NeJamewho was first approached by Zimmerman’s family to represent the neighborhood watch volunteer.

But NeJame declined and referred them to Mark O’Mara, who is now representing Zimmerman. NeJame has since been hired by CNN to comment on the case.

This recusal motion appears to have been handled with professionalism and dispatch, which is admirable.  That’s great to see.

The right recusal motion at the right time is not only good for the parties, as this case shows, it can be good for the justice system.  The right recusal motion at the right time preserves the public’s perception of the system and saves judicial resources.