Blog News #2

I vividly remember 2002, when I told the truth about a statement a judge had made in chambers.  Little did I know at the time that 2002 would mark the beginning of a decade of telling the truth about judicial conduct that I observed in cases.  Little did I know the ramifications of doing so.

A Decade of Observing the Bench: 2002-2012, is a multi-part series.  Starting with the year 2002, I begin to relay what I observed, how I stated the truth, and what happened as a result.  I can’t possibly include all the details, or even talk about all the incidents.  But I will walk through each year, highlighting what happened in those years, up to this one: 2012.

Of course, in 2012, the Minnesota Office of Lawyers Professional Responsibility publicly charged me with making ‘false’ statements about a judge.  This series will be a march from 2002 toward 2012, with hopes that by the time I reach the present day, I can be telling you about what is happening now in my case (I’ll blog about why I can’t talk about the evidence yet, in upcoming blog).

The segments will not all come in a row.  There will be other important topics to cover, so the series will get broken up.  But each one will start with the year, to signal this series.  Watch for, “2002:  Judge Wexler.”