Blog News #1

Whenever you see this picture at the left, it means the post is about the blog itself.

Skip these if you want.

But if you are scouring this blog for some way to hold it against me, you are required to read all parts of the blog, including these posts.

The blog is not work for me.  The blog is something I have prepared for over time, gathering ideas and documents from the trenches to write about.  I was originally planning a periodical called, “From the Trenches,” and have collected partially-developed articles for years.  But when the powers that be decided to push a lawyer disciplinary matter against me, it became a vehicle for discussing both that specific case as well as my general observations of the justice system.

I do it on my own time.  (None of my “work” time is taken by this blog.)  This blog is at this time in my life a loose type of ‘therapy’ for me.  It is healing for me to tell a bit of my story after many years of not being able to (for various reasons).

The blog at this point has not discussed evidence from the lawsuit.  (Hopefully, that’s coming up!)

The blog has in general terms discussed some procedural aspects of the lawsuit, and there’s more of that to come.

The blog must be read as a whole.  Posts often presuppose that you have read the prior posts, sometimes by linking to them directly, but even if not.

If you want to request a change, go to the About section, fill in data about yourself, and leave your request.  Those will be reviewed, but they will not publicly post.  (And remember, the only exception to the First Amendment for Canon 8.2(a), is defamation.)

Anyone who’s considering trying to get their friends in public agencies to waste public resources trying to come after me to punish me or silence me, well, don’t you think that’s just overdone?  Don’t you think the public is getting tired of paying hard-earned tax dollars for your little vendettas?

Instead of coming after me, why don’t you clean up your own house?  You may find that the best way to impede public criticism of your public actions is to stay clean.