My Heartfelt Disclaimer

Look, as much as I’d like to, it just isn’t possible to include in every post a disclaimer about the ‘good’ judges. You may see a lot of criticism of certain judges on this blog. But that doesn’t mean I think all judges are bad, or engage in bad conduct. In fact, the judicial branch is full of ‘good’ judges. By ‘good’ judges I mean: 1) judges who strive to obey the law and apply the law to the facts; 2) judges who work to serve the public (by being patient, temperate, judicial, and by not always making it all about them); and 3) judges who strive to obey their judicial ethics canons. Those judges know who they are, and the criticisms on this blog are not about them.

That doesn’t mean I’m not going to push the ‘good’ judges. I am. Anyone who knows me understands that part of my role in this complex organism we call the justice system, is to push the envelope into the future. If I could have but one wish granted, it would be that the ‘good’ judges carry some of the load in reporting judicial misconduct. First, it is their duty. Canon 2.15 requires judges to report each other under certain circumstances. And a system of ‘self-governance’ simply will not work if judges do not report each other. And Second, why would ‘good’ judges put all the load on people like me and my clients? We have the least power in the system, the least standing, and the least ability to gather the needed evidence. So, Judges, the next time you get an email from your colleague blasting a party or a lawyer, the next time you hear some inappropriate gossip over breakfast – don’t sit there in silence. SAY SOMETHING! I will keep working it from out here. But those of you in there are needed, too. Together we can do this.